HempStaff Job Openings

HR Manager (HRMan)

Job Location Bozeman

Salary $18 - $35/hour

Job type: Full-time

Contract type:

Job reference: HRMan

Posted 30 December 2021

The HR Director will oversee the Team Scheduling, HR, Training, and Hiring. This person will ensure all departments are fully staffed and that people processes are developed, implemented, and continuously improved in order to attract, retain and develop the best and brightest talent.


● Manage, and continuously engage staff

● Hire to necessary staffing levels across the organization sufficient to handle new stores and growing teams.

● Support the teams who handle hiring and training of employees.

● Work with Scheduling and Training to ensure stores are correctly staffed.

● Streamline onboarding processes.

● Update and distribute employee handbook.

● Be available for employee disputes or problems at work and follow through with these to an outcome.

● Real-time updates on all rules and regulations.


● 1-5 years HR experience across all HR functions.

● Bachelor’s degree preferred

● Knowledge of Cannabis Regulations is a plus.

● Experience setting HR strategy for a multi-store retail business or restaurant chain and managing an HR team



●$18-35/hour depending on experience

Contact information

James Yagielo